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Useful yum repositories

Yum is the easiest tool to find and install packages on Red Hat/CentOS. However, yum needs to know where to look for packages. Here is where repositories come into play. Of course, you always need to make sure the repositories you use are trusted! Installing packages from untrusted source can be pretty nasty since you… Read More »

How to use yumdownloader

Everyone uses yum command to install packages on Red Hat/CentOS platforms, but not many people actually care what happens behind the scene. Did you know that the packages installed by yum and nothing more than rpm files? Sure, in 90% of the cases you don’t really care .. if it works, well .. it works.… Read More »

Useful yum commands

The yum command is one of the most useful for Red-Hat/CentOS family server. It is basically  a command-line package-management utility. Red-Hat/CentOS packages are provided as .rpm files which can be installed either using the rpm command, or with yum. The nice thing about yum is that it allows you to add external repositories and you can… Read More »